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Montreal, QC - Banff, AB (BY RAIL: 40' High-Cube Privately-Owned Intermodal Container)


Montreal, QC - Banff, AB (BY RAIL:  40' High-Cube Privately-Owned Intermodal Container)

Select this service if you are planning to re-locate a Privately-Owned 40' High-Cube Intermodal Shipping Container, from the Montreal, QC area to the Banff, AB area.  The weight of the container plus it's contents should not exceed 35,000 lbs (15,875 kg), with the contents safely-braced and distributed evenly within the container.

This is for intermodal transport by rail.  Typical transit time is 5-8 days.  To be loaded onto our chassis trailer by Harlyn Intermodal Terminal in Montreal, and off-loaded from our chassis trailer in Banff, AB onto paved ground in Banff, AB by our 70-tonne capacity mobile crane, provided by our crane-operator and rigger.  This rate is all-inclusive of fuel surcharges and sales taxes, in U.S. Funds.  

To book this service, simply ADD TO CART and then CHECKOUT.  Once payment is processed, you will receive a Load Confirmation Email, at which time you can Confirm or Edit Pickup and Delivery Dates/Times, Request Changes, or Cancel.

For heavier weights, please send an email to or call our 24-Hour Dispatch Help Desk at 1-855-984-1523.

Note:  2-hours free time is included for loading, and 2-hours free time is included for unloading.  $75/hour waiting time is applicable after the free times, up to a daily maximum waiting time charge of $375. Cancellations made with at 3-hours notice prior to pick up time are fully refundable, while Cancellations made with less than 3-hours notice prior to pick up time are subject to a $250 Truck Ordered Not Used fee.  Mobile Crane cancellations less than 5-hours prior to scheduled date/time are charged for 4-hours.

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